Cancer / Keys to Survival

Many cancer patients are shocked and confused with they are first diagnosed. In Keys to Survival, Dr Mark Roby guides patients to the crucial questions that may help save their life. He also lays out the importance of Setting Your Intention to Survive in this article.

Cancer / You Are The Lifeline

The old notion of the all knowing doctor and the passive patient still works some of the time. But if you are facing a malignancy, there’s a good chance that the outcome might not be optimal . Not because doctors aren’t trying, but because cancer is one of...

GameChanger / Precision Cancer Care

In late March of 2003 , I was lying in a large , cavernous chemo room in Michigan. As 10 million units of interferon coursed into me, I could feel myself going into the abyss. Even though I was in the dream state, I can remember my oncologist whispering in my ear,...

Its Time to Reimagine Cancer Survival

Reimagine Cancer Survival, Safer More Effective Care, Book-Lifelines to Cancer Survival, Include circulating tumor cells, cancer biomarkers, molecular profiles, personalized cancer care.