In late March of 2003 , I was lying in a large , cavernous chemo room in Michigan. As 10 million units of interferon coursed into me, I could feel myself going into the abyss. Even though I was in the dream state, I can remember my oncologist whispering in my ear, ” Mark, why are you going all around the country looking for answers? There aren’t any. This interferon isn’t going to work; neither is Avastin, thalidomide, or even a clinical trial drug. Why can’t you accept the inevitable? You’ll be gone in the next three to four months. I never want to forget that moment. Why? Because it was a turning point for me. I turned my anger into action.

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In my own cancer journey, I compiled many resources that kept me alive against the odds- and I want to share them with you here in Michigan. Through personalized one-on-one consultations, I’ll connect you to the best, most appropriate cancer experts and resources to target your specific tumor.

I’ve helped patients from all over the world , from as close as the Midwest to as far away as Europe, Canada, Australia, and the Virgin Islands. I want to help you too.

I’ll Listen. In this 90 minute ,meeting, we’ll talk about your needs and wants. We’ll go over important medical information including : Lab reports, Scan results, Tumor markers and Pathology reports.

We’ll create a personalized treatment plan. We will consider the latest cancer-fighting tools most likely to help you, which involve a level of testing and personalized care that is generally not part of the standard of care. This integrative medicine strategy often leads to safer, more effective treatment.

Next, we’ll build a Triad of Survival. What is a Triad of Survival? It’s an ongoing, updated set of three treatment strategies that are contingency plans. They may include conventional therapies, integrative medicine therapies or immunotherapies.

I’ll advocate for you. I’ll connect you to the best clinicians in the country with expertise concerning your tumor such as oncologists, researchers, surgeons or interventional radiologists. If you need to get fast tracked into a cancer center , I can help arrange it.

“You can rise about this, There is a way though it, You can survive” –Mark Roby ND, PA-C


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