Each day in my office or medical centers, I encounter cancer patients who are up against the wall. Many have advanced malignancies while others have aggressive disease. Often, the current standard of care is not helping them.

Many of them have asked their clinicians for more customized care or genetic profiling of their tumors,,,and are often turned down.

A recent seminal review has been written by experts at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC.(MSK researchers publish new review that focuses on genome -driven oncology. Feb. 9th 2017 ) The article reviews a number of ,,,,successes in precision oncology including: Tailor-Made Patient Care, Clinical basket trials, sequencing to data sharing,,,including liquid biopsies.

” Stressed throughout the review is the fact that precision oncology is not a one-size-fits-all approach to cancer treatment”

Speaking for myself, I would not be alive today,,,,if I would have followed the standard of care that was given to me. Besides researching my tumors biomarkers back 15 years ago…I had to look far and wide for clinicians and researchers who had open minds and would agree to help me. Finding those people along with a strict diet ( addressing angiogenesis and inflammation ) and Gods guidance has kept me alive.

The message here is that all of our tumors are not alike,,,and we must seek out all the information we can about our tumors and their signals. Asking for personalized care is a must,,,if we want to increase our survival times.

There are many lifelines such as atypical biomarkers, molecular profiling ( of our tumors ) and markers for inflammation that many patients are not aware of. Its up to all of us to take our survival into our own hands and stop being complacent.

We are ‘students and teachers to each other’ ( AH). Lets get started!

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