Roby’s Top Ten Keys for Cancer Survival

By Mark Roby, N.D., P.A.C.


Mark Roby, Physician’s Assistant and Naturopathic Physician, was stricken with one of the rarest cancers in the world in the Winter of 2002. He was given very little hope and a short time to live. Quickly realizing that conventional thinking would do little to help him, he created his own personalized treatment plan, targeting his specific tumor. You can too!

Below are the 10 Keys he lives by to create miracles in his life, inspired by his extensive medical background, tenacity and the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing.

1. Set your Intention to Survive

Decide you will do anything to survive. Many patients (and doctors) do not do this and the patient pays a steep price. Intentions support healthy energy and motivation.

2. Get Multiple Opinions

Get at least one or two more opinions. It’s important because there is so much information that many specialists may not know about, moreover certain parts of the country are much more conservative in treating cancer and others are more creative and broadminded.

3. Do not “Rush Into” treatment

Access all of the Risks vs Benefits of your potential options. The easy way out,,,is not necessarily the best or most effective way. Step back and use “Discernment in all of your decisions. Is this right for you?

4. Locate and build your “Inner Circle”

Find one or two people who will help you find your own ” Customized Care “. This is crucial towards your survival especially if you are facing a difficult prognosis.

5. Adapt and Respond

Researching your tumor along with building your triad of survival are crucial lifelines. Why is this? Because the nuances and skill sets that you will have learned will help you adapt and respond to any crisis. Tools such as molecular profiling, chemosensitivity essays and personalized vaccines may lead to safer treatments and longer survival times.

6. Build your “Triad of Survival”

Work with your inner circle and oncologist to build a series of back up plans. Use the websites in the book to connect to fellow patients and glean information. Also, research those sites to find labs and data that will help you build your “Triad”.

7. Research and start your own “Anti-Cancer Diet"

Regardless of what you are being told,this is critical towards your survival. Furthermore, this type of approach may help you target angiogenesis (Blood vessel growth) and inflammation. These are two “Hallmarks of Cancer”

8. Seek out “Personalized Care”

A recent article in a major publication suggested close to 90% of all US. cancer patients are not receiving a personalized approach while getting treatment. Look for clinicians and medical centers that offer novel research and treatments to patients.

9. Ask for God’s guidance

Receive the benefit of the Power of Prayer; pray daily and imagine your body well. Roby attributes his survival to leaning on God and also the hundreds and thousand of prayers that he has received.

10. Become an Expert in your own Diagnosis

Many patients when they first find out about a poor prognosis simply do as they are told after seeking one or 2 opinions. One of the reasons I have survived is because I have spent week after week, for 13 years, finding information about my diagnosis. The patients that spend their time doing this have a much better chance at survival than those who don’t.

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Through his passion, knowledge, experience, and having survived cancer himself, Mark teaches and connects with audiences like no other. He speaks to cancer patients, hospitals and medical centers, and religious organizations about highly impactful practices of personalized care and cancer survival.

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