The old notion of the all knowing doctor and the passive patient still works some of the time. But if you are facing a malignancy, there’s a good chance that the outcome might not be optimal . Not because doctors aren’t trying, but because cancer is one of the most complex, sly, sophisticated illnesses to ever plague humanity. It’s sole purpose is to destroy mankind as it takes your bodies nutrients, blood supply and immunity, and uses it against you. Therefore, it’s critical that cancer patients become informed and engaged. Most are never informed that many of the answers towards their survival are located in their own blood, tumors and the cancers microenviornment.

What many patients don’t ask themselves is What do I have to do to stay alive? What do I have to know to stay alive? What are the actions I need to take right now to stay alive? What kind of skill sets do I need to learn to stay alive? The critical question is Do I deserve to make my survival the most important thing in my life above everything else. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you’ve got to find answers to these questions.

Failing to ask and answer these questions could lead to disaster. Why? Because today’s stand pf care often does not include integrative medicine, cutting edge tests and treatments, Additionally , experts have stated that possibly only around 30-35% of patients are offered molecular profiles or circulating tumor cell assays of their tumors. These advanced modalities could lead many patients towards safer, targeted , precision care. These cutting edge strategies have kept me alive sixteen years past my original prognosis.

A cancer diagnosis offers all of us a watershed moment to change our lives and outcomes. It’s time for all of us to understand that our minds and our bodies hold the answers to our survival.

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