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Mark Roby had a rare form of liver cancer for over 10 years and miraculously survived to tell his story! He is an inspiration to all who face challenges of any kind. I had the privilege and honor of hearing Mark speak at Gilda's Club recently, and was deeply moved by the story of his journey and the lessons learned along the way. His life is one filled with faith and hope, and the messages he conveys to his listeners are imbued with wisdom, optimism and conviction. He is an extraordinary speaker who offers exceptional insight into dealing with life's trials.
Laurie Pappas PhD,
Author of "The Loving Heart", Counselor and Co-Founder of The Metro-Detroit Center for Attitudinal Healing

The responses of the participants who attended our annual cancer retreat were glowing. Your presentation "The Gift Of Hope" was uplifting, personal and intimate. You gave us lifesaving strategies that we could find no where else. If you are looking for an inspirational and informative speaker who has fought cancer with dignity and courage, Mark is that speaker!
Louise Horn,
Leader, "We All Can" Cancer Support Group, Genesys Hurley Cancer Center, Flint, MI

Mark Roby, an odds-defying radical remission survivor himself, has given cancer patients a true gift. Lifelines to Cancer Survival is the perfect guidebook for anyone feeling overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis. Mark takes you by the hand, giving you personalized information for every step along the way.
Kelly Turner, PhD,
New York Times best-selling author of Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

If you are looking for someone to inspire you, you have picked the right author to read. I know in my heart that you will be nourished, as I have been, from the courage and helpful attitudes Mark has demonstrated throughout all his challenges.”
Gerald Jampolsky,
Founder, Attitudinal Healing

Dr. Mark Roby's Lifelines helped save my wife's life and spared her from disfiguring surgery. It was a shock when my wife was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer last year. The local surgeon immediately recommended total radical mastectomy. We wound up in Michigan visiting Mark (a 9-hour trip for us). Thank God we were led to Mark's book, Lifelines to Cancer Survival. Mark guides patients towards individualized cancer care, all based on his own remarkable experience. He shows patients life-saving strategies, including how and when to get cutting-edge molecular profiles on their tumors and chemosensitivity assays to help guide their own care. These concepts are not something we would ever have thought of on our own. Because of Mark, we found a surgeon who also had some significantly different recommendations. We are still on our journey, and are so grateful that Mark is there.

Dr. Steve S.,
Emergency Room Physician, PA

Mark is an extraordinary person and health professional having lived the life of a cancer survivor and transplant recipient. Mark gets down to the real facts of what survivors need to know to get the best treatment… giving treatment options that are not mainstream, but that offer the cancer patient the best odds of survival. The value of this book to those diagnosed with cancer is immeasurable!
Susan Gonzalez, RN,
Author of "100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It"

Mark is a true testament of how to fight back and survive a cancer diagnosis. We were fortunate to meet Mark, and he advised us that this book would help us in many avenues to my sister's stage VI ovarian cancer diagnosis. The information one can obtain inside this book is comparable to moving mountains. It was an amazing read for our entire family and highly recommended to ANYONE that has interest in cancer awareness. Without this book, I know my sister would not be with us today.
Sister to an ovarian cancer survivor

Having soundly beat the survival odds for a rare cancer diagnosis for which there is no standard treatment, Mark Roby offers sorely needed lifelines to fearful, overwhelmed patients. His central message – that there is always hope, but it is your responsibility to nourish that hope with your intention and engagement – should be the anthem of cancer patients everywhere.This book is full of resources and recommendations, from how to access cutting-edge treatments your doctor is unlikely to offer to you, to what to do when your chosen treatment stops working. Nor does Roby neglect the hard inner work of cancer, guiding you in facing fears.This book enables you to take back your power to create wellness and peace of mind.
Shani Fox, ND,
Author of "The Cancer Survivor’s Fear First Aid Kit: 5 Simple Steps to Releasing Fear of Cancer Recurrence"

Mark’s story is truly inspiring, and not just his continued sur-thrival-ship, but his willingness to share how to create a more personalized approach to cancer care. He empowers the reader to research and take charge of their fate with an integrative approach. Throughout the book, he answers some of the biggest questions for people who are dealing with cancer — from finding the right doctor and asking for more personal treatments, to relaxation techniques, exercise, and eating a plant-rich diet.
Suzanne Boothby, Author of "The After Cancer Diet",
Dr. Richard Boothby, cancer physician for more than 25 years

Not too many people live with cancer like he has. He understands what a horrible disease cancer is, and he likes to help.
Mioara Miok,
Advanced cholangiocarcinoma

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