Tools for safer, more effective care

Over the next few weeks and months, cancer strategist Mark Roby will be building a series of audio’s and video’s that will give cancer patients advanced strategies and tools towards their survival. Many of these modalities are not included in the standard of care or found in most clinicians offices.

They might include biomakers, circulating tumor cells and molecular profiling of ones tumors. Only a small percentage of patients and their families are aware these tools exist. Roby calls these tools “Lifelines”. These new modalities have help keep him alive.

‘Lifelines’ will help you build and maintain a personalized treatment plan, or what he calls the ‘Triad of Survival’. This ‘Triad’ is a crucial element of any cancer patients journey. It is a fluid , constantly updated set of targeted treatment plans developed by you, your oncologist, and your inner circle.

Roby wants all cancer patients to have access to the type of targeted, customized care, that has kept him alive for the past 15 years. He wants to lead the charge of patients directing and supervising their own care!

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