Cancer / Keys to Survival

Many cancer patients are shocked and confused with they are first diagnosed. In Keys to Survival, Dr Mark Roby guides patients to the crucial questions that may help save their life. He also lays out the importance of Setting Your Intention to Survive in this article.

Lifelines / Cancer Survival 101

Important research tools for cancer patients, Critical Self Care, How do I increase my survival time? Molecular profiles, cancer biomarkers, immunotherapy. angiogenesis, inflammation, proteins , gene mutations, cancer gamechangers

Lifelines / Exceptional Cancer Patients

It’s evident that there is a wide chasm-even disconnect-between cancer research and clinical oncology. Groundbreaking discoveries and made regularly, but most patients and even some oncologists are not aware of them. Moving slower than a turtle and sometimes at...

Are Cancer Patients Offered Enough Lifelines?

Are Cancer Patients Offered Enough Lifelines? Over the past few years, I have received a number of calls from patients around the country seeking personalised cancer care. Many of these individuals are looking for molecular profiles of their tumors, chemosensitivity...