Reimagine Cancer Survival!

That’s what cancer survivor Mark Roby wants you to do! With a medical insider’s knowledge of what it takes to stay alive when all the odds are against you, Lifelines to Cancer Survival is the first book that helps guide cancer patients towards 21st century cutting edge care. Roby wants to lead the charge of patients directing and supervising their own care.

What people are saying about Lifelines:

1. If you are looking for someone to inspire you, you have picked the right author to read.-Dr. Jerry Jampolsky

2.Invaluable Resource! -Shani F. ND

3.Five Stars- Michelle S.

3.Cutting Edge Science for the Body and Soul!- Laurie P. Ph.D

4.Lifelines / The Cancer go to Book!!!!-Steve K.

5.Special Book, Special Man!- Steve S. MD

6.Miles Ahead of the mainstream!!-Alene N. Ph.D


Amazon #1 Best Seller!

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