Surviving Cancer Book Signing – May 7th

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Mark Roby, author of Surviving Cancer: What Do I Need to Know to Stay Alive? will be signing his new book at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor. Using his personal rare cancer experience, Mark  educates people on how to save their life through cutting edge personalized care.

Come meet Mark at the Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tea Room on May 7th to talk about his new book and receive a signed copy. Learn about his survival strategy which includes an Anti-Cancer Diet, an inner circle of support team members and cutting edge personalized care that can save your life. Come and share your own personal cancer survival experience.

After given only 4 months to live, Mark has become the Voice of Cancer Survival.

If you are someone who has been diagnosed with late stage or a rare form of cancer, you will benefit from his experience.

For directions to the book store and tea room or phone number, please click on this link.

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