Is personalized tumor research and treatment included in today’s standard of care concerning oncology? In certain types of cancer, such as breast and lung malignancies, the answer might be “yes” in certain circumstances, but frequently, I would say the answer is “no”. The 600,000 adults and children who will die in the US. this year undergoing cancer treatment certainly wouldn’t think so.

Not receiving personalized treatment not only could be hazardous to your health, it could even be fatal. Why is that? Because the current standard of care often dos not include multiple opinions, molecular / genetic profiles, chemosensitivity assays or immunotherapy. Moreover, it does not include integrative medicine, which could lead to safer , less toxic, and more effective care, especially concerning side effects.

The mission of “Lifelines” is to help you, the patient, understand and gain access to safer, more personalized care. According to Springer., an international scientific and professional publisher, a definition for personalized cancer care is ” the right treatment for each patient at the right dose and at the right timelifelinesPage. Personalized care is a customized approach using tumor research, integrative medicine/nutrition, and cutting edge treatments to increase survival times. Such an approach is generally not known to the public, nor is it typically offered as the current standard of care, however, it is the wave of the future,,,and the future, for you, can be now! Personalized medicine is, therefore, an evolving model using specific treatments and therapies best suited to an individuals genotype and driven by patient demand for safer and more effective medicines and therapies.

I am asking patients and clinicians alike to go against the grain and grab ahold of this transformational movement that is upon us. ( Ask your clinicians for this) I suggest that a significant percentage of cancer patients can benefit from this new and innovative approach.

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