Lifelines to Cancer Survival

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Lifelines to Cancer Survival

A tidal wave of cancer is upon us. In 16 short years, cancer will be the no.1 killer in the United States. Cancer patients need answers and they need them now.

Lifelines to Cancer Survival is the first book ever that guides patients and their families towards the critical questions that all newly diagnosed cancer patients face, such as: “What do I have to do to stay alive?” “What do I have to know to stay alive?” “What are the actions I have to take right now to stay alive?” “What kind of skill sets do I need to learn to stay alive?” Lifelines reveals a multitude of options that cancer patients do not know they have.

Survival is often a matter of subtleties and nuances. This book gives cancer patients a medical insider’s knowledge – information that could be potentially lifesaving. It provides critical answers like no other book.  It describes genetic profiling, chemosensitivity assays along with anti-cancer nutrition. Moreover, the book explains how these three modalities are crucial aspects of their survival.

This book details the step-by-step approach the author developed to survive a deadly, late-stage cancer that started in his liver and went into his lungs. He offers tools to overcome three critical gaps in the standard of care that many patients face. These tools and strategies are different and unique for each patient.

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