Look no further. it’s finally here. An uplifting, comprehensive 21st century approach to the new world of cancer survival. When any of us are hit with cancer, it’s what we don’t know that can kill us! This book details the step-by-step approach the author developed to survive an advanced cancer that started in his liver, and spread to his lungs.

Survival is often a matter of subtleties and nuances. Lifelines: A New Approach to Cancer Survival gives cancer patients a medical insiders knowledge-information that could be potentially lifesaving. it provides critical answers like no other book.

Lifelines guides readers toward empowerment and gives them a sense of control over their illness! They can see themselves in a new way-reimagining their illness as something more manageable. Additionally, Lifelines teaches patients how to be active, engaged participants in their own care.

This is the first book ever that guides patients and their families towards researching little known aspects of their own tumor and it’s environment. Lifelines answers the compelling questions that all newly diagnosed cancer patients face, such as :”What do I have to do to stay alive? ” What do I have to know to stay alive? ” What are the actions I have to take right now to stay alive? What kind of skill sets do I need to learn to stay alive?

What many patients don’t understand is that the answers to these questions are complex and different for each individual. Cancer patients are no longer going to stand on the sidelines. For more serious diagnoses, they are not going to accept their death sentences. They no longer want a cookie-cutter approach.

You can rise above this! There is a way through it. You can survive!

Cancer Consultant

Amazon #1 Best Seller!

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