“The Information in this book,,,,Priceless!!!! This book is a wealth of information for that terrified person that feels their life has been put on the “spin cycle”. Mark has spent countless hours researching and collecting knowledgeable information, put it all together and you have this easy to read easy to follow book. I’m so blessed to have Mark in my life and gladly continue to work along side him as he guides me! Jennifer, cancer survivor

“A Must Read for All” ,,,What stuck me ( also a cancer survivor ) so deeply was the “triad of survival”. Always have three in place. If one is exhausted or ineffective, replace it from your research, always have three plans. It’s a wise, intelligent, and never-lose-hope approach to anything. I strongly urge all to take advantage of Mark’s blessing-Lifelines to Cancer Survival!,,,,cancer survivorLifelines3DBook2

“From One of The Best Known Medical Centers in Michigan”,,,As a Registered Nurse working with many advanced stage cancer patients for the past 25 years,,,I found this book to be “the bible” for cancer survival. It is researched with current and forward thinking medical knowledge. The authors personal journey of survival along with very valuable resources that cancer patients need is clearly outlined and offers hope!,,,,RN

Amazon #1 Best Seller!

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