Each day and each week I speak with cancer patients in medical centers, our office and privately. Some are doing well, many others are not. Cancer survival is a mystery that many of us have to go through.

When I was first hit with a life-threatening advanced malignancy, I visited five medical centers within the first three to four weeks. At the time,,no one would give me any hope of survival. It was then, that I got on my knees and asked God for help. It took time, but I realized that I would have to start a journey of inner healing and self exploration, I wrote letters to anyone that I had issues with in the past. I also re-examined everything I could about my life.

I changed my diet. lifestyle and many beliefs that I had been holding onto. After awhile, I started letting go of judgements against myself and others. During this time, Dr Jerry Jampolsky, ( founder20140920_162008 of Attitudinal Healing) my mentor and his wife Diane reached out to me, helping me to meditate and pray. They both gave me a new mission and purpose towards getting my mind off myself and giving to others. I was happy about this,,,because it gave me something to do,,,during my hospital stays all around the country.

Many individuals that I talk to each day, have no concept about the mind-body-spirit connection. They also cannot wrap their minds around the idea of completely changing everything in their inner and outer worlds.

No matter what you are going through,,,there is always hope! No matter how bad it gets, there is a way through it! A Course In Miracles puts it like this:

I can elect to change all thoughts that hurt

and I would go beyond these words today,,

and past all reservations,

and arrive at full acceptance

of the truth in them.

I can be hurt

by nothing but my thoughts.


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