This holiday week end, I wanted to remind cancer survivors and their caretakers to be mindful and let go of complacency . If you are facing an aggressive, rare, or advanced malignancy, it would behoove you to study and research as many backup plans as you can. A large percentage of patients leave that up to the medical establishment and often have little or no options left.

You can start by gaining access to all of your medical records. If you can, seek out your family clinician, nurse or even your dentist to assist you in understanding your results and pathology reports. Go to the internet and look for genetic targets that might be related to your cancer diagnosis. Look for specific biomarkers that your tumor might be sending out. Additionally, look up clinical trials for your diagnosis and contact the principle investigator. Often there may be a chance to glean information and guidance from them.

Become the CEO of your cancer survival!Cancer Consultant

Slowly but surely, you can reimagine your cancer survival into something manageable. Don’t forget to add integrative medicine and anti-cancer nutrition into the mix. Start building your inner circle of helpers and supporters. Delegate, delegate delegate. Make your survival priority one! You, must set your intention to survive! You must use discernment. You are the one that drives others to research your tumor. Moreover, you must become the CEO of your own survival.

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