Is God Really Listening?

Lee Coit talks about learning to discern between our inside and outside voices in his book Listening: How to increase Awareness of Your inner Guide :

“There is a power in us that is of God….This power is reached in a most unusual way–by “going inside” ourselves…We may reach it quite simply by just letting go of all the babble and churning within our minds–reaching below this noisy level to the peace and strength that constantly abides in us”

I tell cancer survivors, don’t underestimate the power of your thoughts and beliefs. They could actually save your life. Many patients don’t understand how to move their thoughts from their lower self (fear, ego and pain) and into their higher self (love, inner peace, clarity, and healing). These feelings of love and comfort bring all of us to a safe place. Cancer patients, more than anyone, need to feel safe. It’s imperative that you discipline yourself to do the inner work of practicing prayer, meditation, guided imagery, and so on, in order to feed your soul.

Sooner or later, many of us are going to be hit with something for which there might not be an earthly answer. Many of us will be in denial and think, No way, it’s not going to happen to me! What are you going to do if you are told that you have a terminal illness? Who are you going to turn to when there are few or no options left? Do you actually think that a magic bullet or a pill is going to save you? Instead of looking to the world for answers, you might want to turn to God. He/She speaks to us in many ways.

God will stop at nothing to offer us healing at any time, if we are open to it. It might come in the form of animals, tress, mountains, nourishment from food, other people, movies, TV, the internet, or even strangers. If you are open and can believe “anything is possible,” God will use anything imaginable to bring you healing!

Choose Once Again ( ACIM )

Last night a multitude of family and friends got together to honor a woman named “Jenn”. She is a young mother living in Canada that got stuck down last year with aggressive malignancy.

What has impressed me about her is that she did not accept the grim prognosis given to her by the medical authorities. She has been getting multiple opinions, taking anti-cancer supplements and consuming organic nutrients. Additionally, she is seeking out genetic profiling on her tumor and searching for advanced bio-markers to help clinicians guide her treatment.

When darkness try’s to creep into her mind–she has decided to “choose once again”. ( ACIM ) When fear comes in, she chooses love. When sadness pee0618161943_HDRks in—she chooses inner peace. When pain comes, she asks God to heal it!

Jenn has become my teacher. I am honored to know her and her family.

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