The old notion of the all-knowing doctor and the passive, compliant patient still works some of the time. But if you’re facing a life-threatening illness, there’s a good chance that this outcome may not be optimal. Not because doctors aren’t trying, but because cancer is one of the most complex, sly sophisticated illnesses to ever plague humanity. It’s sole purpose is to destroy mankind as it takes your body’s nutrients, blood supply, and immunity, and uses it against you. Therefore it’s critical that cancer patients become informed and engaged, and that they set their intention to survive. ( Many neglect this)

If I had not taken the bull by the horns, researched my illness, and been engaged in my care, I wouldn’t be alive today. If I had been a “good”, compliant patient who only followed the options that were laid out for me, I would be a dead man. What many patients don’t ask themselves is What do I have to do stay alive? What do I have to know to stay alive? What are the actions I need to take to stay alive? What kind of skill sets do I need to learn to stay alive? And in the end, it comes down to this critical question: Do I deserve to make my survival the number one priority in my life right now?

If you’ve been diagnosed with any cancer, but especially an unusual, advanced or aggressive cancer, you’ve got to find answers to these questions. If you can’t find them yourself, you must reach out to others to help you get them. Don’t get complacent. Get up and do the hard work of staying alive!Cancer Consultant

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