Cancer , Covid-19 / Lifelines to Survival

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Cancer, Covid-19 / Double Jeopardy

A few weeks ago I woke up in the recovery room ( U of M ) following my 7th surgery over the past twenty one months. Following a number of doses of morphine I was wheeled into the step down floor of the neurosurgery unit. Though still groggy I was offered 2 doses of oxycodone which I swallowed. That was a big mistake! An hour later I was hallucinating and ready for liftoff . It was one of the most terrifying nights of my entire life.

There is a price to be paid for each and every decision we make or don’t make in life. Engaged Cancer patients are all to familiar with these choices and turning points. During my current virtual visits with them many are concerned , but few are panicking about Covid-19. Denial has not been a strategy as it has been for a number of Americans. “I have been through far worse” many have said to me. Others have strategized with me discussing ways and techniques to build their immune system and stay safe. A number of them have adopted the strict protocols that I use to sanitize everything and to leave no stone unturned.

Again, they realize that there is a price to pay for every decision we make in this life. Additionally, a number of them have turned to God their creator for their safety and inner peace. They realize that the more they work on themselves and give their love away, the calmer and more peaceful they become. This in turn creates a healthier and more potent immune system to stave off potential disease.

These patients have become my teachers. They actually have been sending me get well cards as well as surgical masks and gloves to keep me safe.( I just started back on my sarcoma agent )

The Course in Miracles teaches us that ” Health is Inner Peace and Healing is Letting Go Of Fear. ” Let us all take the time to heal ourselves and then in return-give our love away with no expectations. “Teach Only Love, for That is What We Are”

I am offering virtual consultations in Michigan and Wisconsin that are covered by insurance. Other options are fee for service.  A thorough 90 minute initial session covers past and current medical history, review of all medical records, scans and labs. Additionally , offering the latest, cutting edge research and information towards your malignancy. Specific dietary and nutritional support and advice is added.  I work with experts worldwide and help set up virtual appointments with them.

Mark Roby ND, PA-C is a survivor, clinician, speaker and author. He is also the department head of Telemedicine at BCS in Novi MIchigan. Most insurances are welcome.

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