The importance of a Triad of Survival

The Triad of Survival is one of the most critical elements of any cancer patient’s survival. It is an ongoing, updated set of three treatment strategies that are contingency plans. These plans may each be conventional oncology therapies, integrative modalities, or complementary strategies. One can view them as A, B, and C. When your current plan fails you immediately choose plan A, B and C. whichever fits , as your next option. The, another plan D, must be developed in order to maintain three potential treatment plans waiting in the wings. These plans may be shuffled in response to new medical challenges.

Cancer patients need answers and need them quickly. Our empirically based, randomized clinical trial-driven health care works some of the time in early and middle stage cancers, but close to 600.,000 U.S. adults and children go down each year because of the lack of three basic strategies: 1.) a thorough understanding and surveillance of the enemy; 2.) deception; and 3.) multiple contingency plans. Many medical centers and clinicians ignore or forget these concepts when treating their cancer patients.

Furthermore, a large majority of patients are not offered advanced/progressive research on their tumors or serum, such as molecular profiles, circulating tumor cells, animal surrogates or immunotherapies. These options could potentially lead to safer, more targeted agents. How do I know this? Because I am on such as agent, along with many of my fellow survivors who have done similar research. In war, good commanders plan ahead of time for crisis situations and can fluidly and quickly switch from one strategy to another, depending on the circumstances. Moreover, they already have multiple contingency plans in place well before trouble arises. To beat an intelligent opponent like cancer requires an eclectic, flexible approach on multiple fronts, just like histories most successful battles!

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