The Cancer Divide

by | Jun 27, 2015 | Cancer

It’s evident that there is a wide chasm-even a disconnect-between cancer research and clinical oncology. Groundbreaking discoveries are made regularly , but most patients and even some oncologists are not aware of them. Moving slower than a turtle, and sometimes at glacial speed, the progress from research bench to clinical application is barely discernible. This is frustrating for millions of cancer patients, like me, who have been diagnosed with rare tumors. Patients facing these tough cancers , which impose an extremely tight time table, need answers now! There are many reasons why these delays are so prevalent but they are beyond the scope of this book. Yet It’s exactly that concern and frustration over these gaps in bringing research to clinical application that inspired this book. Remember this: No matter how frustrating, no matter what the circumstances , no matter how dire your prognosis, there is always hope.

There are thousands of cancer patients who have extended their survival well beyond the average, or who are seemingly cured after being given a terminal prognosis.  They are called ” exceptional ” patients. What is it that they are doing to heal themselves of incurable diseases or to improve their chances of being cured?

Mark Roby wants patients to ” Reimagine Cancer Survival” With a medical insider’s knowledge of what it takes to stay alive when all the odds are against you, “Lifelines to Cancer Survival” is the first book that helps guide cancer patients toward advanced modalities and testing , such as genetic profiling, personalized vaccines and more. Roby wants to lead the charge of patients directing and supervising their own care.cancer cells

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