In the May 13th, 2014 edition of is an interesting article titled ” MIA in the War on Cancer : Where are the Low Cost Treatments? ” ( By Jake Bernstein ) It features a cancer survivor named Michael Retsky who was diagnosed with advanced GI cancer in 1994. Retsky was a physicist who had switched careers in the early 1980’s over to cancer research. He studied his own illness and had doubts about his odds–going with the standard of care. He collaborated with his oncologist and the two devised an inexpensive, low impact chemo, given in small doses over a prolonged period of time. Almost two decades later, he is cancer free.

The article goes on:.”.. numerous laboratory, animal and small human studies suggest that low dose, continuous chemotherapy holds promise in shrinking tumors and preventing recurrence”. lifelines to cancerUnknown to most patients-there are a plethora of ways to survive various malignancies. Besides low dose prolonged chemotherapy, there are a number of low cost drugs that hold promise in fighting cancer. These include metformin, aspirin, beta-blockers and nitroglycerin. Additionally – there are a number of unorthodox ways to investigate your tumor including molecular / genetic profiles, chemosensitivity assays and animal surrogates.

Cancer patients need answers and need them now. That is why I wrote Lifelines to Cancer Survival. I have been blessed to be kept alive using a number of these modalities myself.



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